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Fusamat for Ironing Board -- Regular Size

FUSAMAT IRONING BOARD COVER (STANDARD SIZE): You can fuse directly onto the Fusamat without the fear of sticking fusible onto places you don’t want it - like your iron and/or ironing board

  • Nothing will stick to this mat - no more scraping off excess messy fusible.


    You can use Fusamat in the same way as traditional mat by putting the Fusamat on top of your placed applique ready for fusing. The difference is that you can actually see what is underneath your mat so if something moves you will see it and adjust accordingly!

  • As Fusamat is see-through you can see your placement guides through it and build your appliqué unit on the top (e.g. if you were making some flowers with lots of petals you could fuse each flower as a complete unit directly on the mat)


    The Fusamat can be stored in any way you like – it just bounces back into shape when crushed.


  • You can use hot glue directly onto the Fusamat to create stencils for drying. Simply draw a line picture on paper or download a picture from the internet and place under your Fusamat. 

    You can then use these stencils for sun drying, rubbing or use a sponge to dab paint.

  • Wipe off excess. If it is dirty you can wash in soapy water, rinse and air-dry.  Or just run it through the dishwasher!