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Just imagine your favorite feline, with a elegant coat sprinkled with gold. No wonder she has a  “ cat-i-tude”- she’s simply beautiful! This collection won us over immediately. Ann’s cats are exquisitely painted in rich, rich colors and available in a easy-to-use panel or two graceful allovers. Mix with her flowing textures and geo squares - and you’ll see that the design possibilities are infinite. The details on these prints are extraordinary, just like the cats that inspired them. Be sure to look for more great projects on Ann’s website, grizzlygulchgallery.com. Get your “Cat-i-tude” on today!
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Black/Multi Cat-i-tude Panel w/Metallic


Cat-I-Tude Beaded Swirls Tonal Lt Green


Cat-I-Tude Feather Frolic Purple


Cat-I-Tude Paisley Black/ Multi


Cat-I-Tude Triangular Motion Teal


Light Purple Beaded Swirls Tonal


White/Multi Cat-i-tude Panel w/Metallic