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What does Meme want?

Happy Mother's Day to All!

Yes, that's what my grandchildren call me.  Well now, it has been awhile since the oldest has called me that. A few years ago when when he was in high school I noticed he just avoided the "word".  There was that obviously awkward moment when he said that's my grandma---no more "Meme" for Quintin. But the other four aren't shy about it yet!

Do you have any traditions for Mother's Day? Ours are simple family dinners-usually one of girls hosts and there is grilling going on! Accompanied by two of our favorite sides from when the girls were young--old fashioned wilted lettuce and fresh strawberry pie. 

So what's on my wish list (or yours)? Here's some ideas:

How about the Stash 'n Store? If you haven't tried one, you should. and if you already have one, then you know you need another! Cute as a bug and come in lots of colors, too! Oh, and speaking of colors,  uhh--I mean scents, how about a new bottle of Best Press? And we have the most popular scent in stock, too! Do you know which one? 

Lots of new patterns, too! I have my eye on one and one to get to started but first I need to finish writing the directions for this one! Here is our Sac-Osage Quilt. It finishes at 48" square.  Come join us for the Sac-Osage Shop Hop Thursday May 30-Saturday, June 1st. The shop will be open 9-7.

And, thank you all for attending our first Quilt Walk! We had a great time over 300 people registering to see over 175 quilts on display in our historic downtown. Thank you to Christopher Florence, the Guilty Quilter, for sharing his story and his quilts with all! Thank you, Laura Reynolds, for the loan of your Labrynth Walk quilt.

Sew Long,
Mary & Cheryl