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We have more coming!

More Coming!

What's Coming?
Yes, after telling us the Quilters Select Tool Kits were no longer available, we got a call yesterday asking us if we still wanted to order more.
Of course, we do!

We have Tool Kits Coming!
If you missed our special it is not too late!
$110 value for $69.99 
includes a 24X36" mat, THE rotary cutter, and a 6"square non-slip ruler. 

So we have a new shipment of rulers coming with additional sizes, too! You may want to put those on your WISH LIST!  Call us and we can start or add to your list!

We have been waiting so long and it was worth it!

Diaphanous by Jason Yenter

It was a cold day in February and in walked Laura, a fabric rep, with a new roll of fabrics fresh off the press. Oh, I drooled but, Mary was on vacation. 29 beautiful prints and patterns in this line. Oh, no! I could hardly wait to 'till Mary returned. And so, it began! We've waited nearly 10 months--but all have arrived.

Here is a sampling!

So many prints-florals, ombres gradations, and trellis prints in beautiful colors with deep, intense colors! 
And we have the pattern book featuring beautiful quilt designs featuring this line of fabrics, too. 

Check this out Diaphanous online or in the shop!

Sew Long
Mary & Cheryl

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