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Weekend Events

Weekend Events

Friday Morning, 8/10: 10:00-Noon
Math for Quilters:  $20

Let Cheryl share some formulas and more for calculating block sizes, cutting dimensions, quilt sashing, borders and backing. Bring your smart phone or tablet and we will explore some options together. No sewing machine necessary.

Friday Afternoon-Evening: 3 PM until ?
Pick Your Project  Evening Sew: $25

We talked about it and now it's here! An uninterrupted evening of sewing at the Heartland Theatre Pavilion. You pick your project. We will provide the pizza, you bring a snack, etc. to share. Violet Craft, Elizabeth Hartman, bring it on! Come at 3 PM or whenever you can. Sew late if you want. It's going to be fun!

Saturday Sew-In: 8:30 AM- 4 PM or longer if you want
Stashbuster Saturday: $30
Is this your sewing area? It's a corner of ours!

We've reserved the Heartland Theatre Pavilion for Saturday. Come sew from early morning until 4 PM or later. We will provide a light lunch so you won't even need to leave the building! Channel your inner Bonnie Sullivan if you like. Let's make a dent in our stash---or just dedicate some sewing time to work on a special project. Bring a few scraps to make a charity block or two!

What's New?
Lots and Lots!

We love Christmas and autumn, too!
Come in and check it out

Sew Long for Now,
Mary and Cheryl

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